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Serving Your Mission

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If you have a mission in life, I bet you have days where you’re thrilled to be serving the greater good and days when you’re not sure you’re going to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. We’re bound to encounter obstacles that slow us down or make us feel like we can’t get where we want to go. Every new challenge is a chance to learn something new about why we’re here and how we can serve the world.

Growing through challenges
Hard work, negativity from others, and waves of doubt are things we will encounter on our journey. I believe that learning to overcome challenges like these makes us stronger and more powerful in serving our mission. If achieving your goals were easy, how would you be able to teach others to work toward their goals? How would they know it were possible to do what you did? Each new challenge teaches us how to teach others to do the same. They also give us the courage to shoot for something bigger.

Show up big

It can be easy to get caught up in small thinking. We each have unlimited potential, yet we can sell ourselves short of fully achieving our magnificence. Fear causes us to shy away from playing big and fully serving our purpose. If you’re on a mission, how dedicated are you? Are you willing to step up and completely fill the shoes you were given? When you grow to the right size, they will fit you!

Embrace all that you are
We must embrace all of who we truly are to serve our purpose. Every part of us is required, even when we aren’t sure why or how it fits in. Embracing all of ourselves requires us to recognize the unique gifts we have been given. It also means embracing the lesser-evolved parts of who we are and discovering what those parts can teach us. Learning from these so-called shortcomings will grant us greater clarity of purpose. Are you ready to look at all of who you are, the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the unsightly? Are you ready to share your uniqueness with the world?

You are a divine creative instrument being called upon to live your truth and serve your mission. Direct your thoughts and actions toward your higher purpose and embrace your magnificence. The world needs you.


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