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Set Yourself Free from Restrictions

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Restrictions may be held deeper than you realize …

Working with my clients over the last few years, I’ve come to realize that most individuals say what they think they believe and know, but ultimately don’t embody the belief. Here’s an example.

John hurt himself while doing yard work this week. He has had past issues with neck pain and a lower back ache for a long time. While he was working with me for coaching and receiving both the energy and body work during his sessions, he continued to approach his professional work with the same determination. While his attitude toward his career was improving, so was his chronic back and neck pain. We were working on setting action items to support his application for a promotion, while with the energy work we were focused on removing and rebalancing his energetic bodies to sustain his physical energy needs (more computer work); additionally, the body work was focusing on improving mental clarity and focus while releasing the restrictions in the lower back to support the added stress the new position would most likely bring with it. He had the skill set and the experience necessary to get the position, but he wanted to ensure his emotion and mental bodies were up to the challenge. Great work, right? Right! Now nice weather is here and John goes out to get much-needed yard work completed and ends up hurting his back. He has been immobilized ever since. Frozen, you might say: afraid to move or do anything physical lest he aggravate the injury. He calls me to tell me he will need to move his appointment and explains the situation as to why he is unable to move.

What do you think my question to him over the phone was? Yes, you got it … “So, John, you can’t move, your back feels like there are sharp needles, and you’re unable to stay on course and hold to your commitment. Why do you think that is? Step outside of the physical world of what might have happened and step into your energetic world. Tell me what you see, feel, etc.”

What do you think his response was? Yep, you’re right again. “Ohhhhhh, I get it!”

My next question: “So John, will I be seeing you the day after next?”

John’s response: “Yes. I’ll be there with bells on.”

So as much as he had been working to bring together the new perspective that his thoughts are intertwined with his physical, mental, and emotional states, when something from outside of the focus box provided an opportunity for learning, he was easily pulled off track. John thought he had embodied the idea of thoughts = action = manifestation, but in truth he had heard it, comprehended it, but not embodied the belief. Even though he was doing everything he thought he needed to ensure his success, there was still a part of his physical body not in agreement with what his desire was—the promotion, the success. His fear of receiving the acknowledgment for a job well done, his belief in himself was being limited due to past issues which had settled in his physical body.

When he came in for his next session, we focused on the physical body restrictions, did work and action items associated with strengthening his physical body, as well as nurturing his emotional and mental bodies.

Now John is able to truly see that one segment of his life is never separate from the other. The energy is all associated and needs to be address as such.

I share this example with you because I see this disconnect all the time. A person tries to convince others and themselves they follow and believe a certain perspective, but deep down they are holding onto restrictions physically that don’t allowing them to move forward permanently in the positive direction they seek.

Next time you are seeking to change a perspective, thought or element in your life, remember to take extra care to address all three bodies. The restriction holding you back may take longer to surface than you expect, but be patient and you will succeed.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.




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