Set youself free forgive me

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I see in your beautiful eyes all the pain I have caused you.When once you would looked at me with those beautiful eyes with such joy.Your hugs are not the same anymore and your kiss for me was gone a long time ago.There an ache in my heart when I think of how I was once your shineing star and how low I have fallan from your grace.Now I feel like a fallen star nothing but dust now.You must see me and see a broken house.A place we all should of stayed together.Now your in a place in your life where our homes have changed and you know I wont walk in that door anymore.Your forever missing my absence the way Iam missing yours.So you had to build your wall around me to protect yourself from all the pain and saddness.Kind of like a death but baby no matter how high or how strong you build your wall it will soon come to a crumble.Somehow it will affect you some way in your life.I dont know what you have heard or what you have been told.You tell yourself you will be nothing like me.All I can tell you that this heart of mine need your forgivness.In time you will see how much I have loved you and what I had to do and why.I hopeyou can see that what I did was not a selfish act but one that took alot of sacrifice.Mybe I had to go so you could have me longer.Later it all comes to light and I hope when it does you can understand all this.So I ask you to set yourself free forgive me so that you may live.Forgive me so when you think of me your heart hurts nomore.Forgive me so you have tears of joy and not saddness.Forgive me so you can grow and be strong.Forgive me so you dont make the same mistakesas me.Forgive me not because I deserve it but in all honesty between me and God I know I have done my best to be all that I can for you but all is not lost.You havn't completely lost me.Once you find it in your heart to forgive me it is there were you will find me .



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