Seven Tips to Get Over Your End-of-the-Summer Blues

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Way to rub it in that summer is over, Los Angeles. After a giddy long weekend of resting up, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the beautiful warm weather, I woke up this morning to dreary clouds and a morning chill. Autumn has already made its preemptive invasion, and I am not too thrilled.

While the official start of fall this year is apparently on September 22, it is common knowledge that after Labor Day weekend, the summer is pretty much over. If you’re a summer junkie like me, who loves flip-flops, the smell of suntan lotion, and lazy beach days, shorter days and colder weather after the last three-day weekend of summer make for a very bittersweet week.

So what to do to avoid the post-summer funk? Here are some ideas to celebrate the beginning of a brand new season. While fall isn’t exactly known for ice cream on the boardwalk and lazy outdoor barbeques, it’s good to remember that it comes with its own share of seasonal perks, too.

1. Treat yourself to a seasonal wardrobe update. I’m going to miss summer like crazy, but I do love me some fall fashion. Cute sweaters, knee-high boots, classy jackets, scarves, slinky cardigans—bring it on.

2. Start planning ahead for some fun fall activities. Okay, so it’s not too early to start planning for your Halloween costume. Or that Dionysian pre-Thanksgiving epic potluck you’re going to have with your friends before you have the more legit and less crazy Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Or the all-out apple-cooking party you’re going to organize to get rid of the ridiculous amounts of apples that the apple tree in your backyard is going to generate. See, isn’t fall fun?

3. Get excited about learning something new. It’s back-to-school season! What do you want to learn this month? Get nerdy with a new book, a new cooking class, or join a meet-up group to get more informed about hobbies and subject matters you are passionate about.

4. Furnish your kitchen pantry with some new tea bags. Since we’re ending the season of iced coffee and frozen yogurt, how about some boxes of tea to usher in the fall? I love the rich spiciness of Good Earth Tea, which is so perfect to brew on colder days.

5. Do some major de-cluttering: it’s fall-cleaning time! Who says seasonal cleaning has to only happen in the spring? Maybe you unearthed a junk load of summer T-shirts and tank tops that no longer suit your fancy. Get rid of old stuff and donate it to the thrift store and Salvation Army; the new empty spaces in your living space will help bring in new energy for the new season.

6. Be more mindful of your immune system. Don’t eff up your enjoyment of the fall season with a pre-winter cold. Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, eat oranges, exercise, and all that jazz.

7. Start thinking about the Christmas gifts you want to surprise your family and friends with. Yes, I know: Labor Day JUST ended, and thinking about holiday shopping is kind of gross. But there’s really no perk-up like giving, and maybe some hardcore preemptive Christmas-present planning for your favorite people is just the Rx you need to cure your post-summer funk.

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