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Shattered Dreams

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“What will I do now?”

This was what my daughter said to me through tears and total fear for her future. She had just been told her diabetes had attacked her eyes. She has Retinopathy due to brittle diabetes and this is what shattered her left eye and was attacking her right eye as well. She is a cosmetologist/barber. How will this affect her future? 

After trying to still go to work on a daily basis the stress caused more complications with her diabetes and uncontrolled sugars. Her future then consisted of seeing more doctors, fighting with Social Security and trying to stay focused not knowing how she will survive.

Hours and hours, days and weeks were filled with seeing more than seven doctors getting treatments for all of her ailments and building a fighting file to produce to Social Security so she could face the future and have some kind of health insurance. Three years later, she got it. That part of her story is done, she has health coverage. But she continues to fight for her life on all of her health issues. She has been to the emergency ward seven times in seven months with DKA, TiA and Hypoglycemia so her fight continues. The last instance involving an ambulance call due to being unresponsive when I, her Mother, got a thirty-five glucose reading. She was going into a diabetic coma. When they got there her sugars were down to twenty.

Her fight continues but her attitude is to be rewarded. She is a true fighter to survive. She makes people smile with her humor. She wishes nothing but the best for others. She puts everyone first before herself. I will finish on what she said as the paramedics were taking her away in the ambulance. “I am so sorry Mom.”


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