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The Short Story Continues

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Hi everyone, I just happen to see a story I wrote about my twin sisters death, I realize that it only got too likes but that’s ok I was just so happy to see it, I wrote it back in December 2010 and I just though it was nice to see something I wrote and it makes me feel like my twin is sitting right here beside me.

I owe this to my friends on Facebook because I have never written an article before. I will tell anyone it really feels great to write your feelings down or type them. It absolutely helps the body and soul cause like I said before nobody knows what to say to me and no one understands how it feels to lose a twin unless you have lost one.

It is emptiness that you can never ever replace and anyone out there that is a twin hang on to her or him for life because life is to short and everyone should live there life to the fullest and enjoy it. But anyways, back to my short story of my life, I have a great mom and had a great dad who died of cancer in 2004. He loved to play jokes on people he sure was a good man and also served in the Korea war but didn’t talk about it much. I truly believe that family should be there for family all the time; it’s just priceless. You just can’t put a dollar amount on it, so people hug sisters and your brothers your parents because hugs are very important.

Thank you, will write soon.



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