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A Short Story of My Life

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My name is Deborah Craig I come from a family off six, there were eight all together and I was a twin. She died at the age of thirty-seven years old. Her death could of been avoided, she suffered from panic attacks, panic attacks run in my family and it is a pretty scary thing to go through. A lot of people turn to drugs and alcohol.

People like us have been so afraid of dying we did not know how to live. At one point in my life when my children were very young I had this overwhelming fear I was going to die right then and there in front of my kids. I called my friend and she came and got them, and at that time panic attacks weren’t talked about so I became an alcoholic for years. My best friend stole my kids and fifteen years later my kids still don’t want to see me.

I am sober now and have been for years. During my drinking years I was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint and was taken out into the country. It was the most horrible thing that ever happened to me besides losing my twin sister. It is the most painful thing that I still have problems with; nobody knows what to say to me.

The worst thing is that I shouldn’t have read my twin sisters autopsy report. I can never get that out of my head, people are just afraid to talk to me about the rape kidnapping and especially my twin. Nothing is going to bring her back and still at times I think she is in the witness protection program. To me it takes some of the hurt away. Well, that’s apart of the short story of my life, will continue soon …



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