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Shut the Door and Listen

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There is a sweet voice

Talking all inside of you

Be quiet, are you listening?

I hear the sound of His voice

Whispering love to you

Hush! Are you listening?

Hey, forget the sound

Of the exterior world

Just stay inside

And shut the door…

Listen, He is saying that He loves you

Listen, He is saying, “don’t let them define you.”

Listen, He is saying, He is the one who created you.

Hey, just be quiet…


Listen, He is saying that He is the only Creator

Listen, He is saying “padlock the entrance door.”

Well listen, what are you waiting for?

Just do it now!


In that secret place upstairs,

He wants you free inside His love

You’ll be as free as a flying dove

He knows you more than the world 

He knows why He wants to lead you

Listen, He is smiling

Because He sees himself inside of you


Now, shut the door!

He is saying, He hears your cries

Shut the door,

He is saying, He wants you blessed

Listen and shut the door

Let Him increase your smile

Just shut the door

On evil’s face

If not,

Do not say

That He did not

Do His part


© Fania Simon


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