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Sister I Longed For

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Strong-willed? I have always been strong-willed and definitely independent. I was bent on doing everything myself. That personality didn’t keep me from being a person that would do anything for you or keep me from being a giver. Now that I look back some of the things I did were done in hopes of being accepted and out of the desire to be loved. Even though I wasn’t aware of it I was unconsciously trying to buy love and acceptance. It was nearly impossible for me accept things from anyone without saying “I can’t” or “I don’t have anything in return to give you”.

There are always things we wish we could have only to find them in the realm of the impossible. I grew up having only a brother and wishing with my whole heart I had a sister. I wanted someone I could share and do things with but it was one of those things that wasn’t going to happen in my lifetime. At least, it wasn’t a possibility until I found myself being “adopted” into a new family; the family of God. Not only does your life completely change when you ask Christ into your heart but you find you have a whole new family.

After noticing such a change in my husband’s life I decided to go to church and see what it was all about. Brother Ron taught the Word of God as I had never heard it. Instantly his wife, Kimberly, and I found our spirits connected. As we shared our pasts, we found we had gone through many of the same things. It wasn’t long before I knew she was more than just a “Sister in Christ,” God placed a bond between us that answered my lifetime prayer for a sister; one whom I love and treasurer dearly.

God used Kimberly in so many ways. The truths she shared with me made it possible for her to get through my thick head how important is was to be able to receive as well as give. As I watched and learned from her, I was finally able to say “thank you” and accept the blessing God intended me to have. She helped me understand that by not doing so I could be hindering someone else from receiving the blessing God intended for them to receive.
Today I look at life entirely different. She helped me understand I am worthy to hold me head up and walk wherever God chooses to lead me. I couldn’t have chosen a better sister. We’re there for each other in the good, as well as the bad times. We’re both strong-willed and would have no trouble “doing some butt whooping” when needed. We are kindred spirits, especially in Christ.

There’s really nothing greater than serving a God that knows how to meet your every need. Sis, I thank God He sent you my way to help me learn how to walk with Him. Remember, I’m only a call away. We’re sisters!


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