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Skeletons in the Closet

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I walked toward my closet but I could not
bring myself to open it.
Scared of what may be lurking from the past.
I walked toward my closet ashamed of the bones
I might find. Horrified by the memories and the
smell of pure disgrace. I dismissed myself from
the task. Dishonored with disgust of being reveiled
I turned to walk away.
Skeletons in my closet ugly as they may be,
skeletons in my closet somehow I must set
myself free.
Clinging to a life with a mind that is full of clutter
spiderwebs hanging that need to be swept away.
Voices screaming let it go! Let it go!
I reach toward the doorknob to turn, but the memories
are too strong.
I fight with the skeletons, again they win.
Skeletons in my closet are fighting to come out.
skeletons in my closet are prancing all about.
I welcome the sunlight for in it I find peace
A temporary fix to my hauntings. A fix to
my substantial suffering. A fix on life today.
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