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The Sky's the Limit! Creating Abundance

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Do you know how to create more abundance in your life? Dream of something you really want and then let synchronicity take care of the rest!

I look at my house every time I drive down the hill and round the corner into the driveway, and think, “I love my house!” It’s a twenty-five-year-old ranch home on maybe a quarter of an acre of land and on the corner of the two busiest roads in my subdivision. But this dream home would’ve never been mine except for a few synchronicities kicking in.

I am a single woman and somehow had the perception that I wouldn’t be able to afford a home by myself. There is a lady, whom I shall call Ellen, who runs her own shop not too far from where I live. I consider her to be a wise-woman and her advice is always thought provoking. One day I happened to mention to her my thoughts about home ownership and Ellen helped guide me into a more balanced perception that home ownership was possible for anyone. Then I was concerned that I would get ripped off because I didn’t know anything about mortgages or the closing process. Well, shortly after that I got a job as a Funder for a mortgage company. One of my main responsibilities was to go through mortgage closing documents and make sure they were correct before funding the loan. So now I knew a thing or two about mortgage brokers and the paperwork required to close on a home.

Two years into apartment living in Fort Wayne, IN (I’m a transplant from Michigan) I had such a bad experience with my apartment complex that I decided I was tired of renting and ready to own my own home! On top of that, I wanted to buy a house that I would be able to move in to at the end of my apartment lease so I wouldn’t have overlapping payments.

I found a realtor and told her what my time frame was. She looked at me as if I was crazy but I was perfectly serious. It was the beginning of March and I wanted to move into a home by the end of May. So I started looking at home after home, but none of the homes for sale in my price range were even close to the quality that I wanted. I then found a home that was about a quarter mile from my workplace. It had an attractive exterior and even though it needed some major repainting and minor repairs on the inside it was “close” to my price range. My realtor had mentioned that many people add a little “pad” to their asking price for negotiation purposes. I thought it likely that I would be able to get the price I wanted to pay. If only it were that simple. The owners of the home knew what the neighbors had paid for their home when they bought it two years ago and would take no less than that for their home. The amount their neighbors paid two years ago was when housing values were much higher and was out of my price range. The owners wouldn’t budge and I knew that I needed to withdraw my offer on the house.

The next day I checked out the homes for sale online and wrote out a list of some homes I wanted to look at. Normally I’d drive by the homes on my own just to be sure that I liked the neighborhood and to see what the pictures don’t show you. I found my way to a little subdivision on the north side of town where a couple of the houses on my list were located. I saw the exteriors of those homes and thought they would be OK to take a closer look at, but then noticed another home on the corner that caught my eye and had a “For Sale” sign on it as well. I didn’t remember seeing that home online, but as soon as I got back to my apartment I looked online and there it was in exactly the price range I was willing to pay! I called up my realtor and she set up viewing appointments for all three homes on that road for the next Saturday.

I looked at the first two homes and knew they weren’t right for me. Finally I got to see the inside of the third home. It was beautiful! Many of the walls were painted my favorite color, the layout of the home was exceptional and everything in the home worked and was relatively new. I knew right then that I wanted to make an offer on the house but normally I liked to think things through at least overnight before making important financial decisions. It was such a nice home, in such a reasonable price range, that my realtor recommended if I really wanted a shot at this home, which had been on the market just a few days I would be well advised to write up an offer that afternoon. I agreed and that was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. There was one counter-offer involved and then in just a couple days, the owners of the house of my dreams accepted my offer. That was at the beginning of May and they were willing to accept my terms of possession of the house at close, which was the last day of May. I did it! My realtor was incredulous that I found a great house in such a short period of time, in such good shape AND was able to move in when I wanted to.

Also, remember the first house I made an offer on? One of its biggest qualities was that it was very close to work. A few months after I bought my house, the mortgage business took a dive and the company I worked for left Fort Wayne. Don’t worry, I got another job shortly after (in the financial industry) but I mention this only to show that the first house was really not meant for me.

There are so many synchronicities in this story that it would take another page to point them all out. I do hope that it does inspire you to dream big and be open to what can happen. 


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