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Smiles Make the World Go Round—Making Minutes Toward Happiness

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Happy people are many times challenged people. They simply have learned to be present and make the time to savor simple, satisfying daily pleasures. To cultivate the seeds of happiness it only takes a couple of minutes. It is not complicated or complex process. Remember, there is always a reason to be H-A-P-P-Y!

Try these solitary pleasure past-times:

  • A cup of exotic tea or freshly pressed organic coffee
  • Listening to the sounds of the nature abounding around you
  • Strolling through a garden or favorite nature spot
  • Bird or even people watch
  • Writing events, past or present, in your journal
  • Doodle while daydreaming in the sunlight
  • Coloring paper dolls or in a newly purchased coloring book
  • Deeply breathing in the friendly air around you
  • LIST OTHERS that you deem JOY-FILLED

And In the good company of others try:

  • Calling a friend or treasured relative
  • Making a group vision board
  • Cooking a favorite recipe or baking cookies
  • Decorating oversized tee shirts to wear out and about
  • Tell silly stories or jokes
  • Dance together
  • Play games or cards
  • Converse over a chilled or warmed beverage
  • LIST additional ideas you think gratifying with others …

Simply unwind and enjoy your surroundings. Do not make it a “chore” or another thing to “do.” Making joy a daily priority will help you find the times to create the feelings that inspire you from within! With practice, it will gradually become an established part of your every-day. A routine will evolve and you will enjoy thinking up new and creative ways to fill your daily dose of happiness-alone or with others! Now that is something to smile about!


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