So, I’m Trying to Write a Novel

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I’m trying to write a novel, and so far I have written out about twenty pages. I will share it piece by piece. My only problem now is finding the motivation to write more . . . maybe if I found out that I have fans, it would make the writing easier. Hint, hint. If you are reading this, please like it or maybe even comment (!) to encourage me. Here goes nothing . . .

“Johnny Rain cloud. Johnny Rain cloud.” I shoved the air out of my nose with so much force that I had good reason to reach for a tissue. These kids are so stupid. They are amazed at their cleverness when they realize that “Johnny Rain cloud” describes me perfectly. Yes, it is true that my name is Jonathan. Yes it is true that I am in a bad mood, and maybe have been for the entire school year. It is even true that “Johnny Rain cloud” is a commonly used phrase to describe a kid who is angry. So yes, it all fits together like a puzzle. But does it really add to their cleverness when they chant it over and over and over again?

Its days like this when I wish I could press stop, eject the tape of my life, and get a new one, fresh from everything. I wish all things could be erased at the snap of my fingers. Maybe if I wasn’t on this school bus right now, I wouldn’t feel this way. Maybe if the seat next to me wasn’t empty, I could get over my fantasy of deleting my past. Because the fact is, that seat didn’t used to be empty. No. That seat used to be occupied, and every day its smooth leather surface would have a bulky indent sketched into it. Jed used to sit there.

Now he doesn’t. It’s like math. No one can prove it wrong. It simply is. One day Jed was there, and the next day he wasn’t. Maybe that’s why I have hardly smiled since the beginning of school. No. No real smile has tugged at my lips since that day . . .

To be continued. 


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