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Sometimes Even "Crappy" Things Gives Us Wonderful Life Lessons

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By Jillian Bullock

It never fails when I speak to people, especially at events, or when I'm on the radio or being interview for newspapers and magazines I'm asked "how were you able to deal with such tragic moments and overcome so many hardships and obstacles?" Some of my tragic moments includes rape, homelessness, drug addiction, and cancer.

The thing is not only does one have to have what I call a "fighting spirit," but people must also understand that those things that seem so "crappy" can give you wonderful life lessons if you are open to seeing any adversity as such.

Life Circumstances

No matter what you are going through in your life those "crappy" things will indeed make you stronger. People are truly resilient. We see how the people who were affected by Sandy are joining together with love and support for their neighbors. We see how strangers are coming to the aid of others, donating their money, time, energy, food, shelter, clothing, and more, to help people they don't even know. The abundance of kindness from people truly shows the heart of the human spirit.

No doubt the people in New York and New Jersey, who were hit the hardest by the storm, will rebuild their lives, their homes, and they will be stronger for it. Eventually, the "crappy" experiences they are dealing with now will cause them great reflection for years to come. Many will be completely altered by their experiences either in a positive or a negative way. However, it will be those who use their experiences to see the good, the life lessons, that will make a difference. At this time the wounds are still too raw for most, especially those who lost loved ones. But as time passes, and the wounds heal, people who see the life lessons may do the following:

1) Start a foundation for the loved one(s) who died.
2) Join in the rebuilding of homes and businesses by volunteering their time, skills, talents,
experience, and education.
3) Find ways to show gratefulness for being alive and well.
4) Draw closer to family and friends and appreciate the people in their lives.
5) Start to work on fulfilling their dreams and goals, knowing life is precious and tomorrow isn't
6) Each day will be seen as a blessing, each moment more joyous.

Live In The Moment

Every "crappy" experience I have endured did feel like my world was crumbling down around me at the time. However, through my fighting spirit I found a way to use what happened to me to not only empower my life for the better, but to help others do the same. Giving back to others has been my life lesson.
What I have also found to be a guidepost to using "crappy" experiences is to remember to live in the moment. Life is definitely too short to hold negative energy about the past, or what may be going on in your life right now. Find a way to clear the clutter from your life, to de-stress, and learn how to live life fulfilled.

Remember the serenity prayer -"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

Crappy things will happen all throughout your life. Accept hardships as a pathway to growth. It's how you process those moments, and how you learn from those experiences to make you a better person that is the most important life lesson ever.


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