Sometimes Life Is Like a Fairytale

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I got to thinking the other night about a friend who was having difficulties with her work situation. As I thought of a couple of things about the situation, a realized it was kind of like parts of a Disney version of a fairytale. So here is how life is sometimes like a fairytale …

  • We sometimes work for ungrateful people (Cinderella).
  • There’s always a wicked witch somewhere who’d like to do away with us (Snow White).
  • Sometimes we need a little help to slay our dragons (Sleeping Beauty).
  • It’s always nice to have a good fairy or two in our lives (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty).
  • Animals can be our best friends (Cinderella’s mice, Sleeping Beauty’s forest creatures).
  • Sometimes our handsome prince turns into a beast, but usually a little love will help turn back into the one we love (Beauty and the Beast).

Although I love fairy tales, I’m realist enough to know that we don’t always get a happy ending. However, the world around us is always a better place when you can face life’s hardships with a little humor. I’m sure you creative types can come up with more lines and I’d love to add to this list. So please add your comments.


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