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Like a Speck of Dust

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A speck of dust, miniscale in size, insignificant in the broadened horizon of life, however the center of its own existence. Isn’t that how all of life is? We become very absorbed in our own family, friends, peers, work, charity, life … that we fail to realize that we are but a speck of dust.

All life is about relationships with others, yet we often become so self absorbed that we allow those relationships to fall to the side, to be picked up again and nourished when the timing suits us. How do we prioritize those relationships that are essential to our life and make those around us feel loved and wanted?

Communication is the essential element in strengthening relationships. Really sitting down and having a conversation which involves both talking and listening to the other person’s views, sharing ideas and setting goals all help build the bonds that tie. Texting and email, while useful tools, cannot replace our human need for personal contact.

Whoever would have believed that we would become a society where a prom date is made via texting? That a birth announcement is made by email? That a death in the family is reported by voice message? All these are examples of very personal events a family experiences and to reduce them to ordinary electronic format diminishes their worth and value to the family bond.

How do we regain the personal touch? At the very least, telephone contact with others allows each correspondent to hear the inflection of the other’s voice, the tone/mood of the message. The best way to reestablish the personal touch is to make a date to meet, to catch up, and to plan. You might just remember how nice it was to sit with an old friend or relative and reflect on good times past and in the meantime reconnect in a way that is essential to human life … personal contact.


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