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Speedy Law of Attraction

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Perhaps Her most stunning revelation concerning the law of attraction is when Kuan Yin states: “The universe will bring anything that one wants!” Discussing the quantum/vibration aspects of the law of attraction, Beneficial Law of Attraction informs: “Reality is actually the exact opposite of what is assumed. Time and space do not offer a window where human consciousness is played out. Instead, powerful convergences of beliefs and emotions: (and their resulting Evolutionary Potentials platform imprint) create windows of opportunity within the time/space continuum.”

Through the years, there have been amazing stories about the law of attraction: people discovering how it can help to improve their lives. The following story of my own instantaneous LOA experience could almost be perceived of as humorous. However if you think about it, maybe it saved my husband and me untold problems because, in the end, we heeded the mysterious advice coming from the ‘universe’.

It all started when our microwave oven seemed to be acting up—not heating the food properly. As it was an older model, I asked our sons if they might have an extra one on hand. Apparently, though, neither one had a spare microwave-oven to lend us.

The very next day I received a call on my answering machine instructing me to unplug my microwave (as it could be a fire hazard) and, by the way, what were its symptoms? Listening further, I was informed that this person did indeed repair microwaves. The strange thing was that I’d not called any repair person! Heeding the advice of the message, though, I promptly unplugged our microwave.

Quite curious by now, I phoned my sons back and asked if either had requested this business person to call me concerning repairing the oven. They both replied no.

Listening to the phone call more closely, I realized the caller was addressing someone named ‘Albert’. As we have no one in our family named Albert, I realized the message had been left by a wrong number caller. Nevertheless, I was very grateful and I knew that this was no accident—that we had attracted the perfect advice for that moment in time. What, indeed, are the odds that a stranger would, out of the blue, call and give advice concerning the steps to take regarding a less than optimal-operating microwave oven?

For me, this occurrence was really not such a mystery for I’d been teaching and writing about the law of attraction for nearly two decades. It was, indeed, just Kuan Yin’s law of attraction teachings in action: the universe responding to our immediate needs! But maybe it was even more than that. As I’d just completed Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings; it appeared as thought the universe was once again confirming the awesome powers of the law of attraction.

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