Spirit Connection a “High” to Get Used To

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As a spirit writer, I link with spirit to bring messages/clairvoyant images, sometimes colours for healing. This is just a quick note for any trainee mediums or people experimenting with spiritual alignment/opening chakras.

There is a downside to communicating with spirit. Linking with spirit or channeling or opening up your third eye chakra is a really blissful thing to do. The energy and feeling of bliss is like floating on a cloud and being at one with the universe … yes, time flies by, yes, the information feels like heaven on earth and then..

The come down.

The “bump” back to reality. Back to the everyday.

This is a normal state to experience. Some people can feel very low and depressed after linking with spirit, this, I am sure, is because once you are bringing yourself back to normal the contrast is really noticeable. Life on earth feels very dense and heavy and it is hard work to plough through the thought forms of life on earth without spiritual help.

This is not something that lasts forever, there are anti-dotes and you will adjust and get used to the different states of vibration.

For me, I found when I started spirit writing that I needed the gym. The old natural high produced by physical exercise really helped to re-balance and a physical work out helped to ground me back to real life. Once I noticed that after a spirit writing for a couple of days I would feel teary and I put two and two together I learnt to recognize what was happening, pay attention to how I felt and to re-adjust my emotional state.

Having spent a couple of years regularly spirit writing now I no longer feel the effects of the comedown as when I first started, I have got over it. If you have any questions or there is anything I can help you with on your path of spirit communication feel free to contact me.


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