A Spiritual Healer’s Message

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In Chinese philosophy and medicine, the health of an organism depends upon the integration and balance of yin and yang, the feminine and masculine polarities that run through everything in the natural world. Our ultimate healing entails the balancing of these energies within each of us. Thus, as each one of us heals the imbalance in our psyches between our inner female—(right brain/intuitive-creative) and our inner male—(left brain/rational-logical), our inner energetic balance extends outward to heal the piece we each hold in the collective soul.

Almost all of the ancient indigenous cultures have presaged this period of time—the turning of the ages, 1987 to 2012, as part of a larger Rainbow Prophecy or evolutionary Path that foretells of a global healing and thus, awakening, that will usher in, what the Native Americans call, the fifth world of peace and illumination. The Hopi call this period, the time we’re living in right now, the time of the Great Purification.

September 11 was the catalyzing event in this global healing process—the Great Purge—the lancing of Western civilization’s ancient, infected collective wound. The poison—our collective shadow behavior—is running out in all directions. It’s running out of our religious, governmental, and corporate institutions, from the final exposure of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church to an endless and senseless War in Iraq to Wall Street ‘s Casino Capitalism that has brought destruction to our banking system world wide…the collective detox continues.

This collective crisis brings an opportunity for deep purification with in each of us as well—the place where true change begins. The opportunity is to get to the bottom of our own core woundedness and dysfunction and clear the personal poison, the trauma, the remnants, of our own shadow issues that we might not be aware of—fear, anger, grief, sorrow—that keep us from living a wholehearted life.

Underneath the veneer of fear, anger, rage, in the world at large, is an enormous psychic well of accumulated sorrow that has never been fully acknowledged let alone grieved by us, together, as the collective family of humanity and therefore, never healed. All the atrocities that we have perpetuated against each other—whether red, white, black, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and the Earth, have created a deep psychic well of sorrow. It is this well of sorrow that we have inherited from our personal/ancestral histories as well as our collective/cultural histories, an ancient collective broken-heartedness, that is fueling the depression, the anger, the violence, in our world. 

Just like an extended family feud—whether it be in the Middle East with the recent flare up in Gaza, or the domestic violence against women and children world wide that has gone on under our own roofs since we moved into a more polarized patriarchal oriented (left brained-masculine-rational-hierarchical-domination- control everything and everyone) society—it is time to drop the inner rope of the ancient tug of war and forgive ourselves and each other—on a personal, familial and collective level. Surely, in America and around the world, the recent response to the election of Barack Obama exemplifies that this is a time to heal the heart and soul of our selves, the world, as well as our relationship to the Earth itself. It is a time for an unprecedented global healing. This is our predestined moment. 

Celebrating whole heartedness on a personal and planetary level …

The greatest opportunity of our time is, for all of us, to heal this ancient wound the ancient split between masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, heaven and Earth … us against them, us against our bodies, us against the Earth. The time is now—for all of us to heal the illusory polarities of gender, race, religion, and nationality.

The ultimate healing of these polarities is through the inner union of opposites… a marriage of heart and mind. As these opposites are integrated and made whole within each one of us—there is no longer a need to project this duality, this demonizing of the other, onto the outer world manifested as disrespect and abuse, on a personal and/or collective level. This inner marriage—this sacred marriage—is an inner spirituality that what will restore true balance, harmony, and peace within ourselves and our planet. It is what will bring us to true love. 

In order to find true love in our world … we must be the true love. This is who we are.

This is to become wholehearted … waking up to this truth and walking through the world with a fully healed, open, compassionate, courageous, humor filled heart—a pure heart. What would the world be like if this were true for all of us? What would a Whole Hearted Humanity create? The world is healed by healed hearted—wholehearted people.

The time is now for us to finally heal ourselves. 

By Heather Foxhall is a spiritual counselor and healer. She is the founder of the Rainbow Ark Foundation’sGlobal Wisdom Council, which expresses wisdom through healing. She is also a contributor to


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