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Spread Some Happiness Today

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Recently, I got a fan email from a reader of This Year I Will ... named Tyler. I want to share it with you because it is such a powerful example of two things I care deeply about—the fact that we can truly change and the power of appreciation. Here’s what he wrote:

“I decided on the eve of my twentieth birthday in 2006 that I would no longer be content with all the areas of disappointment in my life, and have been experimenting with several different ways of making self-improvements ever since then. I feel like the ideas presented in your book really helped me fill in a lot of the gaps that I had been missing up to this point …

My main problem through the past five years has been that I have moments of accomplishments split up by long periods of disappointment in myself and depression. I think that with the knowledge I have acquired and the notes I made from reading your book, I will finally be able to make some permanent habits and changes in my life. 

Two habits I have succeeded in developing over the years are to sincerely share my feelings of appreciation to those that have helped me, and to give encouragement to anyone doing something with good intentions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and others who struggle to make positive changes in their lives. Your work with this book and faith in our ability is inspiring, and truly appreciated.”

If you haven’t already guessed what kind of a wonderful guy Tyler is, when I wrote and asked if I could publish his email, he responded, “Of course you can use anything you want … I wouldn’t be taking your advice if I tried to monopolize happiness!” Who can you compliment today? Like Tyler, the happiness you spread can’t help but fall on you, too.


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