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Staying Humble When You Are a Success Is Hard, but Not Impossible

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Have you ever strove for something that you really wanted, made small goals to reach the eventual point of success, achieved it, and then gloated like a millionaire (despite not being one yet)?

Have you ever felt like you were better than anyone else in doing whatever it was that you did?

Have you ever scoffed at the efforts of someone striving to do the same thing that you have done a million times over and not reached out to help them because you are afraid that they are going to be like you and be competition to you, and you are going to lose your place?

Humility, when you are good at what you do, is a pretty hard state to be in when you know you’ve got it. But here’s the one thing that I always believe in and it has kept me humble over the years: there is someone else out there who is better than me. Infinitely better.

Believe it. There always, always one person who thinks that someone else is better than you, so thinking that you are the absolute best is ... quite pointless, don’t you think? Unfortunately, there are too many arrogant people out there in this world.

Suffice to say, I am not a saint. I do have my weak moments and we are all permitted those moments. The key is whenever you let your ego take you on a trip to LandofMyself, bring it back to reality.

Arrogance also leads to fear because when you are up there, thinking that you’ve got it all, you will start wondering when or how someone else is going to take over. Is someone going to sneak up behind you and claim the number one spot? Is all the wealth that you have accumulated going to disappear from your account like a puff of smoke? If you stop praising yourself, are people going to forget that you are the best?

Arrogance also stops you from helping others out. I love helping people whenever I can, especially budding writers and work-at-home moms. Why? Because I have been there and I know how hard it is. As a person, one should not wish for others to suffer, therefore, it is always better to reach out and lend a helping hand. Do not wish that they fail so that you can retain your “top position.”

Instead, focus on improving yourself, keeping at it, and being at peace with who you are or have become. Feel blessed that you have what it takes to succeed and be determined to not let it change you.

If you reached out and helped people, no one will hate you enough to intentionally cause your downfall (if they have the capability) and you will have no fear of being toppled. You will not look around you in suspicion, believing that your next-door neighbor is a competitor’s hired spy.

When you are up there, look down and reach out a helping hand. And then look up to see that there are many others out there who are better at it and then learn from them in order to improve yourself.



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