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Stephanie: A Woman of God

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She walks in beauty,
She is a woman who shares,

She is willing to stand up for
the people for whom she cares.

She is full of the Glory of the Lord.
Her love abounds in all she says
     and does.

I, for one, have fallen in love with
this woman who is so full of joy.

She has been touched by the hand
     of God.

For He has seen her through and will
continue to help her for she shall
     prove true.

I feel privileged to know her and I
thank God for leading me to her side.

Soon she will accept Him as her guide
for she knows that He is her God;

And for that reason she will never deny
Him and will run to be by His side;

And for her and her family, God will provide
blessings upon blessings for a lifetime.

Many people will come to know Him
through her efforts on this earth,

When my life here is over, I hope to welcome her
beyond the great divide, to her reward;

An eternity in Heaven with the Lord by her side!

Stephanie, you are divine—Welcome home, dear one
for you have walked the line.

With all my love,

Sharon DeLoach

Date Written: March 10, 2011


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