In the Stillness

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The music of God’s Love
     is in the stillness

In the stillness, I am
     one with the Universe

Listening to the stillness,
     I am touched by God’s Grace

In the stillness, we, the believers,
    become one family,
         with one voice, and
               with one consciousness

In the stillness,
     I have become Wisdom, and
          Wisdom has become me

In the stillness, 
     all humanity can be blessed

In the stillness,
     is the voice of your God

In the stillness, 
     Love is alive, and

In the stillness, 
     Great Peace resides

In the stillness, 
     you are called forth
          into the Kingdom of God

Visit often with the stillness,
     and let your spirit come alive.

Date Written: March 3, 2011


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