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Stop Complaining

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There’s the saying that ‘everyone is fighting a different battle’, and if you read around Fb or anyone other outlet, it’s pretty obvious that some burdens are heavier than others. For instance, after spending countless days in the hospital with Mark with his kidney condition and Mom & Dad with their health issues…I looked around only to really realize that you can’t buy health~no amount of money… can buy health…you either have it or you don’t, doesn’t matter how great your career is, how much money you have, the places you have been and the many great experiences you have had, and yet day after day we complain and take up our minutes/hours complaining about the trivial unimportant things that someone in this situation no longer places in priority.

Someone with cancer or any other terminal illness might not feel so beat up about spending extra time in traffic, or complain about their job. Their concern might turn to making the days ahead as pleasant as possible; rather than focusing on the daily routine. Think about all the people in mourning~losing a loved one really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? When you lose someone, the agony and pain is unconceivable until you’re in the midst of such a loss. Once it occurs, it’s all a haze and your days are spent bargaining, mourning a loss that is not optional, denying its very existence, and hopefully at some point accepting the entire ordeal.

So stepping out of my world for a minute here and saying to you, stop and look around…everything and I mean everything could be different right now…Thank God that the very things that are taking your joy are not really worth taking your joy/peace/comfort. If it’s a job that has you ticked off and ungrateful, than it’s time for a change…but please don’t waste time in an emotional state that doesn’t warrant that type of attention~not when there’s a fix for that.

For those of you that are hurting, suffering for any reason, and your world has been shaken by events of tragedy that cause complete powerlessness…God keep you, hold you, carry you…I sincerely feel for your burden. I’ll make a more conscious effort to take my days God has blessed me with more grace and appreciation. Be grateful & Be blessed ♥


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