Stress, Alleviate It

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We can be up under stress and not even know it. We can work our one, two, or three jobs (including parenting). We can hate our jobs (which definitely invites stress in), or we can love it, and still be stressed. We live our fast-paced, doing our duties, running errands, cooking and cleaning and nowadays, job seeking (which is extremely time consuming in itself) lives, and we think we are living the life. Many are so stressed until we don’t even realize that we need to de-stress and relax. Such persons, when they have any amount of “free-time” can’t relax because they then feel like they need to be doing something and are, therefore, stressed because they feel they should be doing something. As if being emotionally comfortable and relaxed is somehow wrong.

The Need to Ween: When you are accustomed to running on overload and thinking multi-tasking is the new executive rush order of “importance and being needed,” it is a battle of your will just to stop and smell the roses.

Appointment Book/To-Do List: For the above mentioned persons, it may be necessary to plan and/or schedule your times to de-stress. So, after taking the children to school and stopping at the grocers to pick up those few extras, your to-do list should include, let’s say, time for the following:

Just sit and think: Taking a few minutes to just sit and think about what you actually need for the day, or even the next couple of days, can help your mind/emotions to take one day at a time.

Add or Get a Hobby: Your to-do list should include spending some time getting involved in a sport or hobby which you enjoy doing. Exercise will get the oxygen flowing and those endorphins increasing in your body’s system and you will feel more and more less stressed and refreshed. Hobbies such as crocheting, knitting, paint-by-number; or putting together model planes, trains and cars, even while watching TV, can get those uptight and contracted muscles a time to relax and you will be working on a project and quiet the need to feel like you just have to be doing something.

Read a Book: It will take your mind off of everyday hustles and bustles and into the content of the story.

Pray: Prayer is different things to different people. Whatever your definition is: a time to commune with God, commune and connect with a power higher than yourself. Should you practice spending time in prayer, you will also find it is an excellent way to vent of any pent-up anxieties and frustrations. Telling God, and/or that power higher than yourself about whatever it is, releases that feeling of burden from off of you.

Meditation: Bring balance to the working of your mind and your body through spending some time in meditation. Be it as little as three minutes or an hour or more, meditation gets the attention of the brain and the internal organs, causing them to say OK, so you do care about you. Done with or without music, with or without a mantra, meditation brings everything from head to toe in alignment, bringing a feeling of peace and harmony into your body and quiets those negative thoughts.

Taking time to de-stress, actually recharges you for the next task at hand. Combined with a good nights rest, you will meet your new day feeling refreshed and bubbling with creativity!

Remember: You are the most important part of your day. Take care of you. 


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