Structures: The Bones of Life Coaching

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One of the wonderful tools that great life coaching can offer is the use of “structures.” In life coaching, structures are anything that are intentionally placed in a client’s environment (mental or physical) that assist the client to bring to fruition any shifts or manifestations they desire.

In other words, structures provide the infrastructure that is needed for success. For example, someone who is on a path of sobriety might declare their home a sober home so that he will not be tempted to use illicit substances. Someone who wishes to stop smoking may bring tennis shoes to work to exercise on breaks rather than partake in habitual smoking breaks. Further, someone who wishes to completely transform their diet may begin to take natural food culinary courses to reinforce and empower their commitment to healthy eating.

I once read a sociological study that suggested there is no real fundamental discernable difference between people who follow through with goals and people who don’t. The real difference seems to be environmental. Many people, unbeknownst to even themselves, set themselves up to fail. The problem with willpower is that it has a shelf life. We can only white knuckle it for so long. When our focus diminishes we tend to regress back to our earlier programming. Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool of life coaching in that it can, by utilizing that 87 percent of the subconscious mind, help us to align easily with our deepest desires and conscious intentions.

Structures can give us the “bones” we need to provide the scaffolding for true success. Many people think they are weak and prone to failure. Many times (I would even suggest MOST times) they are just not strategizing in a way that will lead them organically to alignment. Life coaching and hypnosis can provide the integrity of structures to help you realize your true potential.

© 2010 Jeanine Ausitn , PhD, CHt


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