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Supply and Demand

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It’s all about balance I guess.

I believe that life—all living things—is the personification of love.

Maybe we are love, but in a human form, made up of what I imagine to be love particles. And I also believe that when we interact with one another we exchange these particles, and that this is constantly occurring, between living things.

In my way of looking at life, this positive force is in constant motion around me, around each of us, as we bounce off one another, exchanging pieces of ourselves.

I am hyperaware of my interactions with others: a glance, a hug, a wave, a smile, a favor, a handshake, an Internet connection, a sexual encounter, and the mother of all interactions—the relationship. Yes, when you choose to share what you’ve got with someone special, when you choose on a conscious level to open the floodgates if you will, thereby allowing the free, unfettered exchange of love, knowing full well that the currents may take you into uncharted waters, rip tides, swells, sand bars, gales, hurricanes, tsunamis. You get the idea.

In Economics 101, I was taught about supply and demand. It’s all you really need to know to understand how the world works. What I didn’t understand at the time was that that is sort of how love works as well. When supply equals demand and there is an even exchange and the transactions are reasonable and fair, then everything runs smoothly, economically speaking, and relationship-wise.

But sometimes I feel like the account is dwindling, like I am out of balance, like the demand far exceeds the supply, like I could use a large contribution, donation, or a deposit, as I have spent all my capital. The balance feels out of whack, and I am weak.

I also know though, that I am free to tap into that vast reservoir of love that is out there to correct the discrepancy, but I sometimes wish that I could have it delivered, without having to ask, without having to think about it.

I guess that’s what we all want.

Some people find that—that the access to the wealth of love that is out there, with a belief in god, a euphemism for the source, of all that is in this universe within which we exist.

Well then, here goes nothing. I submit my prayer: fill me up with love.

Please don’t make me beg. 


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