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Sweet nevertheless

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Sweet nevertheless

This they say of me:
Disdained and utterly ugly
Slimy inside out down my belly

My appetite? who cares if I pig out daily
Is it a big deal - this weight I carry?

Just wait when I morph with new life
Bequeathed with colorful stripes
Envied by the beasts of the wild
Yet yearned by the blooming ladies
Down the alleys and aisles
Of sweet roses and their like

Ah, what a life of ironies
As others only see skin-deep beauty
But fail to see through one's magnanimity

And what's it for me lately?

That I relish life so dearly
A real chance though only given
A life's two weeks of journey

That I was once a giver of life
Even my fate as short and unkind

Mine is fleeting
It is sweet nevertheless

( Live like a butterfly)


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