Synchronize Yourself with Life

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I have never been a big fan of coincidences in life. But once I understood Synchronicity, I did believe in that concept. Carl Jung first captured the concept of synchronicity and it is the belief that meaningful occurrences happen during our lives that help us to progress on a certain path we our journey. Many of these occurrences happen simultaneously and are mislabeled as coincidences.

An example: You are thinking of someone you haven’t seen or heard from in many years. At the same time you are also dreaming about your dream job, and when you get home there is an email waiting for you. Not only is it offering you a position at the dream job you have been desiring, but the person you are to contact for that interview happens to be the person you have been wondering about as of late.

There are no random occurrences in this life, and everything and everyone comes across your path for a reason. We have a purpose while being in our earthly shell. We are here for a reason. When our actions are in alignment with our purpose we attract all the meaningful occurrences in our lives. These occurrences help us move forward on our journey.

When you follow your dreams, you enter a flow in the universe. Your focus attracts all that you need to succeed. Being part of this flow helps you see things more clearly. You become more open and suddenly you see opportunities that you didn’t know existed. This phenomenon helps you to reach your goals and seize even more opportunities.

When you lose sight of your purpose, you fall out of the flow and the universe will suddenly be working against you. Fear is once again the major villain to knocking you out of your flow with the universe. Fear prevents you to stop following your dreams and desires and once that begins synchronicity ceases to occur.

Staying focused, passionate, positive, and persevering through your fears to achieve what you desire will keep you in the flow and synchronicity of event will continue. What you think is what you will attract. 


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