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Take The First Step. Set The Intention.

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Never underestimate the power of putting your goals out there and watching them take shape. The sheer act of identifying an end result you desire and planning the steps to get there, puts a strong signal out to the universe that sets the wheels in motion to support your success.

I set a big fat goal for myself back in 2010. I decided to run the NYC marathon. I took the first step. I had not run a day in my life. Well, that’s not exactly true. I made several attempts to be a runner but it was far from a pleasant experience and as the initial pain inevitably kicked in after about 5 minutes, I would slow to a walk and vow never to try THAT again. I was convinced that mentally and physically, my body seemed to literally reject running.

You may or may not know this about me, but the minute I start thinking something physical is out of reach, I become increasingly more intrigued by the possibility of proving myself wrong. It’s not that I am driven so much as my own limitations simply irritate me to a point of action.

All it took was the mere mention from a colleague that the NYC marathon would be a great challenge and the light bulb went off. The next day I signed up under a charity to qualify, convinced my friend Becky to join me and entered the race.

I must mention the other factor involved in my decision. My true love for the great city of New York started many moons ago and I yearned for the opportunity to achieve this goal in a city that had called out to me for so long. The excitement of feeling the support from the inhabitants of such diverse and interesting neighborhoods would surely carry me through all 26.2 miles, or at least so I hoped.

I laced up my running shoes and the training began. Most of it was a blur to be honest and I know we broke many rules, but we logged our miles, overcame a few minor injuries and took the challenge head on. Our motto was simply “beat the sweep”. No records to be broken here folks. Just finish.

The day of the race was spectacular, filled with nerves and anticipation. I distinctly remember my mindset that morning. I planned to be on the road all day. I also told myself to get ready and enjoy the experience. That was critical. We hit the road and didn’t look back until Central Park.

We beat the sweep and finished the race that day, but I walked away with so much more than I had originally intended. I felt a sense of accomplishment like none other and experienced the indescribable euphoria of having seen the personality of this magical city through a different lens.

What is your intention? Is it to run a race? Mend a relationship? Volunteer for a charity? Build a business or to simply start a new hobby?

Intentions large and small are important in their own right. They provide us with the stuff that builds us up and with the ever important evidence that we can not only go for it and achieve what we desire and then some, but we can set the bar even higher next time.


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