Take Time in 2009

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Welcome back, my friends! Happy New Year to all. Thank you for keeping in touch and keeping me in your lives. And a special hello to those who have come back after many years.

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to 2008. So long, old friend. Adios Muchachos. Arrivederci. Thanks for being so good to me, to my family, to our friends and to our health. Thank you for helping to Make It Great in 2008 and for readying us for a new year full of surprises and secret dreams realized.

Like most of you, I am back to work and the daily grind and really not particularly crazy about it. Sure, I like my job as much as the next person and you bet I am grateful to even have one to go to with our economy and unemployment rates at the state they are in. However, I have to be honest and admit that as our two-week vacation started to dwindle away and January 5 began to close in on me, I realized how much more time I wished I had. Drats! If only I’d asked for more of that for Christmas instead of a new pair of shoes (and a fabulous new hat to match)! Naturally with more time I would be able to do more, right? Not so. Not me. I would do exactly as I had done for the past fourteen days. I want more time to sit and hold hands with my husband. Laughing. Crying. Sleeping in late. Staying up real late. Eating whenever. Doing whatever. Playing. I want more time to hang out with family and friends. I want more time to pretend like I’m going to be productive for a day … only to wind up sitting and holding hands with my husband.

And to nap, of course.

2009. It’s the dawn of new year … a new America. Soon we will have a new President in the White House and all of our new hopes will follow him there. I have my own dreams and wishes that I would like to see fulfilled this year. First and foremost I would like to volunteer more of my—dare I say it—time, to help others in my community. I’ve always gained such inner pride when I was able to see a project to completion knowing that me and a dozen other souls helped build dreams for people we will probably never meet. To know that I helped make someone’s life easier if for one day, is a joy you can’t really explain. So this year I hope to help others by giving them my time.

Secondly, and most important, is to get mine and Jay’s health back on track. We are blessed to have not suffered any serious health issues last year, but I’m no longer going to stand by and wait for that to happen either. As if on stand-by for our doctor to tell us that, “unless we make some drastic changes in our lives,” spheel. I do know that we can do better for our bodies and that it’s never going to be enough just to go to the gym every day if what we are putting into our mouths counteract those results. There will be no more physical therapy for our “old people” aches. I am done hurting and I am done seeing Jay hurt, so this year I am going to be in charge of our health. Sorry to do this Honey, but it’s taken me forty years to finally “find” you and I am really enjoying your company so I am in no rush to “lose” you for at least forty more years. I do know how much you love your beef and I won’t take that from you too much, I promise. I also promise I won’t tell you when you’ve devoured a hearty burger of (gulp!) lean ground turkey meat for dinner. I’ll lie to you then. But don’t worry, it tastes like chicken.

Last year I challenged you all to “Make It Great in 2008.” So, how’d you fare? Was it better than expected or did it fall short of your expectations? Well, either way you must’ve done something right. You are still here with us and I am glad to have you in my life for another 365 days. Thanks for coming in and reading this. My other hope for the new year is that I inspire someone to act upon these annual reflections and reach a little further than you have before. To try just a little harder to be just a little kinder. To look a little deeper to find a little more patience. To close your eyes tighter and grasp the brass ring closer without worry what it looks or feels like in your hands.

This year, I hope you will Take Time in 2009 to … fill out to your liking.

For this year, I plan to do just that myself. I am going to Take Time in ‘09 to help myself and others. To give my time to you, to strangers, to myself, to our neighbors.  I plan to do this so that when we come to the end of this year and I reflect upon the past months and all I’ve managed to accomplish, I will sit back down at this keyboard and tell you how I spent my time.

And when all is said and done, I hope I can tell you that I took time to …

… sit and hold hands with my husband. Laughing. Crying. Sleeping in late. Staying up real late. Eating whenever. Doing whatever. Playing. That I spent more time hanging out with family and friends. That I pretended like I was going to be productive for a day … only to wind up sitting and holding hands with my husband.

And that I napped, of course.

I love you all and I will see you in my heart.



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