Taken From Me Unexpectedly

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On January 03, 2008, my mother was ripped from this world. I talked to her around 8:45 am. Then I was getting ready to leave for work. It was 11:50am. I went into her room as I always did to tell her I was leaving and she would not answer me. I turned on the light and there she was. She was dead in her bed.

At that moment the world stopped for me. Everything was quiet. Then I saw the blank stare in her eyes and I started screaming. All these emotions came rushing in. My first thought was , “I can’t believe this happening.” She was only fifty-seven. She was my best friend and my rock. Basically she was the glue that held the family together. It will be three months on April 3 that she has been gone and my heart still aches for my mom.

Today is Easter and I can’t seem to stop sobbing. Her birthday is in three days and it’s killing me. My heart hurts so bad. My poor momma. She was going blind from glaucoma and she had a shattered knee cap that caused her great pain. She also had a disorder where she couldn’t cry tears. She used to joke around with me and say she was decomposing as we speak.

My mom had a million dollar smile and one of the kindest people I ever new. My mom never had insurance otherwise we would have had these issues taken care of. Even though my heart aches for her the only comfort I have is that she is not in any pain anymore. But that’s the only comfort. So I would like to say something to my mom now.

Mom I will never forget you. You’re wonderful smile and great personality. I want you to know mom, I feel blessed to have had you in my life for these thirty-eight years.

Momma, you can see again, run, and jump because your knee doesn’t hurt anymore and you can even cry real tears now. I know how you use to always love to sing. I’m sure you’re singing out loud an planting a garden mom. Thank you for loving me and the kids.

I love you mom, always and forever. The world does not seem right without you in it.                                         

Your loving daughter, Christine Ann Ramirez


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