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Taking the Plunge

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You might associate the word plunge with water. However, for me, it is taking the plunge to write my first story right here on DivineCaroline.

Reading is my favorite. It is educating, exciting, inspiring, and enlightening, but most of all it soothes my soul. It’s like music to ears, a hot cup of tea when it’s cold outside, or a warm piece of homemade bread with butter. Reading relaxes me. It takes me to a place where I don’t think about the dishes, laundry, or anything else, just the characters, the story, and what is happening in my book. 

Writing on the other hand is something I have always been curious about. Writing in my journal could not possibly be the same as writing a story or an article. The urge, the want to write but not knowing how, thinking I need to use big words, and if my grammar is correct. Spelling, reading, and English have always come easily to me, so why does writing seems so foreign and makes me a scardey-cat? I don’t know.

Writing today feels good actually. It did not seem so scary when I was lying in bed last night thinking of what to write and hoping that I’ll remember it tomorrow, while telling myself, you will and can do it. Today I took the plunge, the plunge into writing. It feels very good, actually soothing to the soul like my reading. Writing this makes me smile on the inside and out. How wonderful and exciting this new experience is to me! How exhilarating, like the first plunge into the cool pool on a hot summer day.


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