Tea and Me

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I can’t ever remember a day when I didn’t drink tea. As a child, many a chilly Sunday morning, my dad and I would brew up a pot of tea. We even drank green tea before it was fashionable and trendy just because we liked it. We would drink our tea with milk or lemon and honey. Sitting at the table talking about life with our steaming cups of tea just seemed so natural.

My grandma, my dad’s mother, and I also enjoyed drinking tea together. I felt so grown up when we had a little tea party. We had cookies or cake with our hot tea. Grandma even bought me my first little tea set and would graciously serve our hot tea in those teeny tiny porcelain cups with saucers. Life seemed so less complicated over a cup of tea.

I also enjoyed drinking tea with my grandma on my mom’s side. She always had the best and most interesting teas to try. I loved her whistling tea kettle so much that she gave it to me and purchased another one. I had mentioned to my husband how much I missed that whistling tea kettle and he bought me one for Christmas. 

As I got older, tea was still very much a part of my life. I remember crying tears over a hot of cup tea when my heart had been hurt. I remember drinking tea with my older cousin who would make it all seem better with her kind words and hot tea. As we drank our tea out of handmade artistic mugs, the sadness or uneasiness I felt seemed to fade away with each sip of our special tea that we shared together. 

I became a coffee drinker in my thirties, but had to give it up because it was too hard on my stomach. The doctor told me I could have the occasional cup of coffee, but said tea was much better for my stomach and overall health, so I should go back to that. Again, tea was there for me, a familiar friend, a gentle soothing tonic. 

I still drink tea regularly. As I sip out of my favorite mug in the kitchen watching the birds outside and life in general around me, I am always brought back to a comfortable place in my life. I drink hot tea in the cooler months and iced tea in the warmer months. 

Not too long ago when I was visiting my parents and they asked if I’d like a cup of tea.They pulled out Grandma’s old tea canister and I was transported to my days of childhood. My response was, “Yes, I’d love a cup of tea.”


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