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I have these two beautiful nephews whom I love as my own.

I was planning to go see them this weekend, but plans were interrupted by the death of my sister’s friend’s father. My prayers go out to that family having recently experienced the death of my own father.

When I was planning a trip to see the boys, I called to ask the oldest boy (six years old) what he would like me to bring him as a gift. I knew the two-year-old would want whatever his brother had.

My nephew was at a day camp and I left word that I wanted to talk with him about this gift. My sister did not really want me to ask him what he wanted because she did not want me to feel as if I needed to show up with gifts.

I waited excitedly to hear what would he want. I knew his wants would represent the stage of his life and fill me in on some of his life that I miss day to day. I hurt that I am not with him all the time and miss out of small details. The gift would be insight. Was he still into Cars (Disney)? Had he moved beyond the 10,000 Playmobil items I have searched for and purchased in the past? Did he still like airplanes?

As I thought of all the things he could name, I realized God must also want to know what we want because it is deep insight into our hearts, maturity, insecurities, fears, and pleasures. I believe God is all knowing, but think He also loves hearing these wants. I am sure He loves that we draw close enough to him to share these.

This actually convicted me because sometimes I get tired of praying over and over the same prayer. I think, how many times do I have to pray for this to be heard, or even to cover myself. The truth is it is not about repeating the words. It is about drawing close.

I still don’t know what my precious boy wants. But, I sit and wait and will be thrilled to know.


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