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Ten Websites to Delight and Inspire

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We previously featured 25 great blogs, websites, and online resources that inspire and awe us. If you’re hungry for more (and hey, who isn’t?), here’s another round of happiness for you. These sites share stories of heroes, innovations, transformations. They feature captivating thinkers and changemakers, and insightful tips for making your life easier and more meaningful. (Of course, we had to include some cute puppies, too.)

Start out with Part One, or read on for the rest of our 50 inspiring websites.

Looking for the perfect line for a festive occasion, or seeking a clever quote to share with friends? BrainyQuote is home to thousands, organized by author, category, and more. Don’t miss the wonderful bon mots from the brilliant Mark Twain.

Cowbird is dedicated to representing the human experience, with collaborative tools for sharing personal stories, photos, and videos, which are tagged by theme and place. Start your own multimedia diary here, or take a step into others’ journeys on the site.

This fun, irreverent site always has something new and interesting to share. From nutrition wheel plates to Viktor Koen’s “Metamorphabets” (super-cool alphabet letter sculptures), there’s always something to delight and inspire.
As promised, here are the cute puppies (and kitties, ducks, turtles—just about every animal species is represented here somewhere). The adorable images and videos found here provide the perfect antidote for when you’re feeling down. (And, we’ve discovered it’s a great way to distract a cranky toddler.)

This free daily newsletter shares a short excerpt from an inspiring true good news story each day, with links to the full articles around the web. Don’t miss their recent publication of Mercy Corps’ tribute to five brave women who are fighting poverty around the globe.

GOOD shines a spotlight on innovative projects, companies, and people that are changing the world. See: a teddy bear that helps diabetic kids manage their insulin injections.

New Zealander Mary Jaksch’s blog has the tagline, “practical inspiration for a happier life,” and she provides it in the form of tips on making true friends, lessons on learning how to meditate, the art of “ninja productivity,” and many more insightful blog posts.

The Good Men Project
Men receive so many mixed messages about how they should behave. The Good Men Project is a thought-provoking multimedia project about what it means to be a “good man” in modern society. Check out Kim Quinn’s essay on “Competent Dads and Other Mythical Creatures.”

Subtitled, “the science of a meaningful life,” this UC-Berkeley project focuses on academic research related to happiness and compassion. Take a look at Stanford professor Robert M. Sapolsky’s take on why stress is a chronic problem, and how we can reduce its impact on our lives.

Greatist is focused around the notion of helping its readers lead a fitter, healthier—and, as a result, happier—lifestyle. The site features simple recipes, workout tips, and simple lifestyle adaptations to help you improve your mood, energy, and happiness. Don’t miss: 89 Simple Swaps That Could Change Your Life.

Read the rest of the list on Gimundo.


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