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Thank You All for the Memories

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God has given me so much to be grateful for.Everyday that I arise from
my slumber I give him a praise of gratitude for just being alive.Some of us
go through our whole lives living as though we have an eternal resting place
right here on earth.Sometimes I go into my babies room when they are asleep
just to watch the peaceful contentment of rest only found in a child’s sleeping
face.No worries,no cares only angels at play.I sit for moments that seems like
hours just to stare and watch often one of them may awake and ask ,Momma
what are you doing in here? I reply to them.Thanking you for the memories.
What memories? When I changed your diapers.Your first steps,your first day
to school when I cried all the way.Your kindergarten graduation and loosing your
first tooth.I’m thanking God for the memories of allowing me a portion of my
life to share with you and your sister.Children are so nieve and innocent they
only say ok and quickly turn over and resume sleep at will.Again I catch myself
watching my husband sleep.somehow adult arn’t as cute as children sleeping,
but I still find a sense of peace in his snorning.I thank God for him daily,for I find
strenght in my soulmate,his biblical knowledge helps keep my feet on a path of
goodwill and endurance.Sometimes when I’m weak he always reminds me that God
has never forsaken us not once.And no matter what comes our way we are protected
as long as we remain in Christ.He has always been my Knight in shinning armour.And
sometimes I awake him just to say I love you.And he’ll look back at me with those big
hazel eyes and say I love you more.Even though we’re not rich,but I feel as though I’m
a millionaire sometimes when we’re just doing exactly nothing but sitting around watching
a movie.I’m so blessed to have my memories they are a precious jewel too me. That’s
why I constantly thank my Lord for them they are priceless.


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