Thank You for This Blessing Called Life

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Too often, I find myself grumbling over what has gone wrong, or what isn’t going right. And often neglect to reflect upon what blessings I have been given. From waking up in the morning, to being able to have a roof over my head; these alone are blessings so many of us take for granted.

But today, I must take a few moments and gives thanks to the universe for continuing to oversee my journey, and extending the energy I need to make it day-to-day. In fact, it is something we each must do in order to be worthy of gaining even more blessings.

Nevertheless, who am I to tell anyone else what they should do; after all, I’m still learning how to operate effectively and efficiently in this maze called life. However, as each moment is bestowed upon me I come to understand how much I have grown to understand, that nothing should be accepted without a thank you. Even a kind word helps makes a stranger smile.

So as you take your journey reflect upon the blessings the universe has given you and your family, and relish in them. Embrace every second, and master none. For this journey is a reward we shall never forget.

Despite the disappointments, there are greater perks than let downs. Just embrace it all, and one day, you too will understand the blessings you have been given are the greatest gifts you can ever receive. Just remember to always give thanks, and don’t ever cease believing in the power that BE.

This is wisdom life has bestowed upon me. Had I not experienced a few trial and error. I wouldn’t have known the glory of being truly alive, let alone free.


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