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Thank You God ...

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Thank you God, for EVERYTHING! Do I have to name all the things that you have done for me and mine? I am so blessed, I would not be where I am today, if it was not for you. You placed me with a mother and father that loved me. I grew up with seven brothers and sisters that I loved and that supported me through my early years. Of course, my childhood was not perfect, but whose is? I don’t think that you created this life to be without pain.

When my mom passed away, you were there. I thought I was going to go crazy without my Mom. You allowed my Mom to be on this earth for me when I needed her. When she passed on to see you, she was the one person that I depended on the most. I had you; I had friends; but my mom meant more to me. Is that wrong to say? When she left I may have gotten mad at you because I think you took her from me. I think you may have thought that I valued her more than I valued you. You may have been right, but it hurt that she left me to be with you. I’m sorry if I blamed you. I was so raw when she left.. I could not see that her death was just the “circle of life.”

I understand that while my Mom was living, she was not happy. I later found out that she was so unhappy that she begged to leave this life. Hearing that hurt me to my core. I hated that I was not enough to keep her here on earth. It hurt to know that she did not value the love that I gave to her. I now imagine that this is how you must feel when your creations chose not to love you. 


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