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The word Reiki comes from the Japanese alphabet which consists of two symbols. "Rei" means Universal Life and "Ki" means Force, Power, Energy. As a whole Reiki is generally translated as Universal Life Force Energy, the essence out of which all things manifest.

Reiki is a complete system of Natural Haling and Growth. Reiki by its very nature will help to establish inner harmony, balance and well-being for those who are in contact with the energy whether as a client or as a practitioner.

I am Reiky Level1 practitioner for last 10 yrs, but finally elevated to Master level in year 2011. Since then I am practicing and offering my service for Healing and attunement.

Every healing is a unique learning experience, but the fact which I am going to share now is somewhat amazing for me even.

On a pleasant March evening at around 7.30pm we had gone to friend place at RAKSHA HOUSE for a Dinner. While having discussion, our subject switched to REIKY and I being Master on REIKY was answering most of the queries related with REIKY.

My friend Raksha has a history of Stomach Pain for last many years. This usually happens during summer time. She has undergone several medical test but nothing conclusive has been found.

While I was engrossed over discussion, my friend’s mother in law noticed that my hands were very red. Even Raksha noticed my face was glowing and was getting pink.

In REIKY understanding, this happens only when someone around you needs healing. Therefore Reiky starts flowing.

Before giving healing to others we always make a protective shield around us so that negativity from others should never affect us. Unfortunately that day I just slept after coming from Dinner

In my sleep I felt that I was giving healing to Raksha but my conscious mind was stopping me as she had not asked for healing. But somehow I was unable and helpless. My hand reached my stomach .I started feeling sharp pain then I continued giving healing there. But my conditions were getting worse. I had a notion that its food poisoning. I rushed to washroom. The moment I sat I felt some one pushed me hard from the back. I fell on the floor. I got up and sat again. This time I felt extreme suffocation and discomfort. I was drenched with sweat all over. Even screamed but no one could hear me cause they were sleeping inside and the doors were closed. I felt as if I will not come out alive from the washroom. But somehow I managed to reach my bedroom.

I woke my husband and asked him to pour salt water on me. REIKY says salt water washes away all negativity.

While he was pouring water on me, I could feel some relief. After bath I slept peacefully.

The next morning I was feeling alright.Thanks to Reiky and my Guru’s blessings and healing. But I was not at peace with myself. I had to confirm from Raksha if she had felt something the previous night.

I called her in the evening next day and I was amazed to hear from her. she said she is feeling relaxed but once in the night while sleeping she felt as if a lizard had fallen on her. I asked her about her stomach, she said she is comfortable and not having any pain.
I simply told her I gave her healing involuntarily the previous night and also asked her to take salt water bath for few days. And to let me know her condition after 4-5 days.

After 5 days when we again spoke she said she is relieved from stomach pain and she is not even taking medicine.

Now the question arises how we get connected. She confirmed that she was thinking about whatever we had discussed and was wondering if she could benefit from Reiky. As per my Guru we get connected on a super-conscious level as she was in need of healing and sub-consciously seeked it.

As I was not covering myself with a protective shield while giving healing to Rakha I felt same effects of negative energies which were causing such unexplained illness to Raksha.

Rakha is now free from her aches.




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