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Thank You Very Much, But I Didn't Ask for Your Negative "Advice"

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If there is one thing I know for sure about pregnancy and parenting, it's that everyone has their own "advice" to give you.

"oh your due in September, good luck! That's going to suck"
" Another boy, you MUST want to try again for a girl?"
" WOW your crazy, how are you going to afford all those kids? You know kids are expensive these days."

If this were my first children (or even a few years ago) I would be freaking out over all these comments. Doubting myself.

" They must be right, what am I doing, we can afford this, maybe we should try for a 4th, everyone seems to think I need to have a girl, OMG summer is going to such so bad, this sucks."

Damn right it sucks… but now it's not their comments that I look at as the "sucky" part. It their perceptive on life, seriously!

I always tell my kids and clients " we mirror everything." Even if you don't think anyone is watching, listening or will even take your words seriously, they do.

In my eyes…

* Pregnancy is a magical thing, another human being is growing inside of your body. You are creating life, that's amazing (regardless of what time of year it is).

* I am not God, nor do I want to pretend that I know what is best for me or how my life is "suppose" to be. I am blessed to have the children I have (regardless of their sex). They bring me joy everyday and without them I would be lost.

* Child are only as expensive as you want them to be. If I can put a roof over their head, food in their belly, happiness in their heart and a shirt on their back, then I have done my job.

It's simple (it really is) just breath, soak up what you DO have, love every cell of who you are & never forget that people are listening to your words.

That's all I got for now.



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