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Thankfulness 101

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Although it's not quite the season of gratitude, gratitude and thanks can change your life for the better. The simple act of giving thanks, even for thesmallest things, has the power to positively impact you almost immediately. Your current circumstances, however, might makethis action seem difficult to do—or, even worse, impossible to do. We all go through ups and downs, butif we can control our thoughts, and change our outlook, towards being more thankful, it will go far in helping usovercome almost anything.

So, what is thankfulness? Is it some dated social nuance that no longer matters? Is it simply a word we say wheninteracting with our elders? Not so much.Let's put this into perspective—Think of a family who experiences a house fire. Their entire home and all the possessionsinside are gone forever. Every picture, gone, every memory, gone. Yet, the family is alive, and they are overcome withjoy and gratitude that they are still alive and healthy. There will be some disappointments experienced in the aftermathof such an intense experience, but thank God for their understanding of his grace! To step out alive, to be overcome withjoy for that, is a sound lesson in thankfulness.

Challenges will come—it's inevitable—but you have to be confident in flexing your attitude of gratitude.

Start the day right — Each morning take time, even one minute, to say a small prayer of thanks to God or to meditate in peace. Even if youjust thank the powers that be for the baby not wake up 20 times at night, or that you are fortunate enough to wake up at all,that's good enough! Your mood will change from day to day, go with the flow and just find one thing to be grateful for,so that you can start the day in gratitude.

Don't get me wrong, learning to be thankful that your partner is sitting on the couch with their feet up instead of helping you in thekitchen will take a lot of practice, but consider the negative alternatives. This is not to say you should not ask for help, but it is to say that looking on the brightside of any situation can make you feel a lot more calm and happy and even joyous about life.

Therefore, I want you to consider this as your first reminder for the fall. Trust me, there will be more…the energies of life just seem to work that way!


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