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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ...

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Coffee: I love it. It is sweet nectar to my soul. It warms me, comforts me, holds me tight through dark times ... It gives me energy when I am weak. It tastes delicious.

Charlie: He is my boyfriend’s black toy poodle. He is ALWAYS ecstatic when I get home from work, jumping, squeaking, licking, and wiggling!! And when I am on the computer, he wants so badly to just lay in the crevasse of my criss-cross apple sauce legs ... And whenever I am snuggled up on the couch, it doesn’t matter what position I sit in, he always makes the most comfortable space out of my nooks and crannies. And all I have to do to make him super duper uber happy is either take him outside, to the park, for a ride in the car, or give him a bacon dog treat.

Down Comforter: I am seriously like Linus with this one. I carry it into the living room to snuggle while I’m watching TV/movie ... I read in bed so that I can snuggle under it ... And I love sleeping under it. It is so comfy and cozy and warm ... And if I could bring it with me to work, I would.

Boyfriend: I wish there were a little tool that I could shrink him down and put him in my pocket to take him to work with me. But ... then he wouldn’t get to live his life ... and that would be no good.

Battlestar Galactica: That is most definitely, most seriously, the BEST show I have ever seen. And if you have never seen it, you should start looking into renting the first season NOW.

Comfy Shoes: I try to wear heels and attractive shoes ... but I cannot get past the lack of pragmatism. If it’s raining, I can’t very well wear my cloth hound’s tooth ballet flats, now can I?? They soak through and chill me to the bone! If I’m working in the office or have to go up to Chicago for work, are my fuchsia four-inch heels really that practical? I don’t think sooo!! I have to walk up three flights of stairs just to get to my office!! Not to mention going out for lunch, then coming back again! What about the elevator, you ask? Those stairs are the only exercise I get lately; I won’t stop taking them. And what about those ballet flats on a non-rainy day, you ask?? What about the lack of support, is what I reply!! I like strong, functional, comfy, flat shoes that support and fit ... or flip flops. But while we’re on this subject ...

Comfy Office Clothes: Not just comfy, but office clothes that genuinely make me look like a hottie. I am always on the lookout for such items ... And I am always disappointed when I purchase an item that I have high hopes for truly disappoints. Take my newly purchased Goodwill pants, originally from the Gap, and looked almost brand new, shining in all their splendor on that Goodwill rack. I tried them on. They were BEAUTIFUL. They fit me PERFECTLY. And not until I wore them to work did I notice that I must have a) gained about five pounds since the purchase two days prior, OR b) I just didn’t do the sit test. And I am really hoping it’s b. The fit, the length, the leg, everything was perfect, but I didn’t sit down in them in that fitting room ... And so sadly, the pants may have to go back to Goodwill to find a permanent home.

My Car: Nickname: JAVA. It’s small, it’s cute, and it’s great on gas mileage. And it was the very first ginormous purchase I have ever made. It doesn’t have heated seats or the moon roof I had dreamed of, but ... it’s MINE.

My Apartment: Please see my article “I Love My Apartment.”

Dad: When I need to complain about my mother, who do I go to? Only the very man who will TRULY know what I am talking about ... After all, he did divorce her. And who do I go to for support, someone to listen, knowledge of totally useless facts/trivia, all-things music, for a great laugh, or for someone who really just gets me? You got it ... my Daddio.

There are so many more things that I truly love and enjoy, like playing with the aerobie at the park ... Or hiking, cooking something new and fancy, early quiet mornings to myself, traveling to somewhere new, watching corny Hallmark movies on Sunday nights/rainy days, snowfall, reading an excellent book, or the feeling of accomplishment and pride ... But maybe I can save that for another article. Until then ... maybe we should all look to what we love and make sure we’re getting a GOOD dose of that in our daily lives ... Just a thought from a little peon.


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