Things to Do to Reach Another Year

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2011 is another year to celebrate! I listed some things to help us reach 2012 in a hurry.

  1. Take care yourself. Be fit
  2. Avoid having enemies, so your life will not be troubled.
  3. Avoid going to places where there are many people, because a stampede may take place.
  4. Think twice about catching a flight when the airplane’s engine is not in good condition.
  5. Cancel any ship/boat travel when the weather is not good.
  6. Do not go to a place where a shooting incident may take place, because the suspect may come back, and you might be the next target.
  7. Do not drive when you are under the influence of liquor or drugs.
  8. Do not walk in dark places.
  9. Drive slowly.
  10. Never bring large amounts of money with you.
  11. Avoid using a cell phone when driving.
  12. Avoid hot arguments—it may lead to crimes.
  13. Do not swim in places where accidents take place.
  14. Never risk your life in complicated situations.
  15. Take it easy in life. Do not be overcome with so much stress.
  16. Go to a doctor when you feel pain in your body.
  17. Always think calmly and rationally when situations get worse.
  18. When married, be faithful to your lover.
  19. Watch your words so you wont hurt anyone.
  20. Be careful not to step on other’s shoes.
  21. Go to safe places when exercising.
  22. Read food labels.
  23. Be aware of what you are eating.
  24. Keep those you really trust close to you.
  25. Follow God’s Ten Commandments.

There are countless more ways to avoid accidents that lead to death. It is all in our mind to have a good life. Many believe that we can never predict our future, especially the time of our death, but we can still overcome difficulties by making good decisions. Trusting God is the best way to do this. He has given us a valuable life—and we have to use it. Thank God for all the blessings you have—for not all are as blessed. 


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