The Things I’ve Learned in Life

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I may only be 25 but the things I’ve learned in life are numerous (like a 70 year old woman in 25 yr old body). I’ve learned fear, when I was a teenager I wasn’t afraid of anything, you know like the feeling of being invincible and that I knew everything (like most teenagers think) I could stay on the streets all hours of the night in dangerous neighborhoods, hanging out with all sorts of “bad” people. I could have unprotected sex with complete strangers without worrying about getting pregnant or worse an STD. I could start fights with people, steal, lie, cheat all without caring.

As I got older though the world became a scary place I realized I could get “hurt” from hanging on the streets all hours of the night, I could get pregnant from having unprotected sex, I could go to jail for fighting with people … But you know there was an upside to living without fear, feeling that you can conquer the world, pursue your dreams with self confidence, without self-doubting, fear of failure or success. As kids we are so innocent and we believe in our dreams but somehow throughout adulthood we lose sight of our dreams and lose a bit of our innocents.


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