Think for Yourself and Be Smarter (Part 2)

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I wrote an article about Prop 8, I liked it, again it’s about getting people to think for themselves. And to do what they know is right in their hearts no matter how much it costs them. To not be lead down paths without actually knowing where they are going to think for themselves. To make choices for them and their families and the happiness of others not in their family.

If the path isn’t clear or you are the only one walking on it then walk alone I promise if it is right and good you will not be alone. The amount of people walking your path does not determine right or wrong. Because people love to stand in lines and if the biggest line is the wrong line they will stand in it because they believe those people to know more than them. It’s just not true. The loneliest path is usually the right path that’s why it is lonely and empty. But I promise stay in it long enough and people will wonder what you know that they don’t then all of a sudden you’re not alone and you alone have changed all those lives and paths.

  • Decide for yourself with your heart which path best suits your life.
  • Make your choice known.
  • Never step aside from your path it yours and leads to freedom you can not believe.   

I love all you now go and chose

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