Thinking About Life

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What is true happiness? Some will argue that true happiness starts from within an individual. I argue, how is that completely possible when some individuals are still finding and learning about themselves, changing priorities, habits, and mentalities as we grow older? I argue that no one is completely satisfied with himself or herself; that if given the chance, we will find at least one minor thing wrong with ourselves or our life circumstance.

So now, would true happiness come from changing that one thing that displeases us? Or are we meant to accept that aspect of who or what we are and learn to be content with it? Is happiness something that has to be learned? And if so, will it come with time, meaning that it is acceptable to be dissatisfied temporarily? Surely we’ve all met individuals who seemed so particularly unhappy that they made it a point to insult or upset anyone who was around. Their unhappiness was never overturned and hence they blame the world and everyone in it and believe that all should pay!

We are taught to be content with what we have, which has always made me wonder—what’s wrong with wanting something that we would perceive to be “better”? Isn’t that part of being ambitious, to strive for your goals because you have an idea of where you would like your life to be? Now seeing that your life isn’t there, wouldn’t that displease you? And in being displeased, is that saying that you are not content with what you have?

Now back to true happiness for a minute—say we changed that one thing, we took that giant or diminutive step, what happens next? Surely, one way or another we have learned that all isn’t always what is appears to be. So then, what’s next? Another turn, step, twist; to achieve something which is quite possible but still never guaranteed.

In an instance where, “Hey! I made it!” Great! Now what? You’re staring your dreams straight in the face! You’ve been working and desiring and needing this for the longest time, and then it’s right there in front of you! Then you just go with it, one might say. But I just have a feeling it won’t be that easy. I just have a feeling that sort of thing is scary beyond any Hostel or SAW film.

Because that would be life! And life to some is a scary thing! You have ONE chance to do it right! No do-overs; one wrong turn, one minor mistake could screw it up like that! One chance to make decisions that you have no idea how they are going to turn out. The consequences/outcomes are not guaranteed! Your plans are not promised to work accordingly. So maybe we should be content with the moment as it is because at least at that point we know what we are in for, right? Living in the moment—every day like it’s your last—even when there is still so much to accomplish. Now we’re planning ahead even when that is not guaranteed! So what’s one to do?

I guess now I would say to find a balance. Make what difference you can today and plan for tomorrow as if it were yours, understanding well that it is not promised, or that your plans may not have the desired outcome. That’s the simplest way to put such a complicated matter, I suppose.


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