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Life is messy. For most of us at least. Weather it’s that old built-up dust from our past or that damn banana peel someone just threw right in front of us five minutes ago. It’s messy. 

Sooner or later we have to clean it up before it becomes impossible to move forward. So we get out what we think will be tools to clean. Tools that will change the current state our lives are in. We clear a path, however, we realize we have not gotten rid of the mess; we’ve only tossed it to the left, to the left. Make it disappear. Please. You’re tired. 

Cleaning up life’s highways is tiring. You realize for now the best you can do is clear a path and keep moving. You start to walk. You start to run. You’re tired again. You look down and notice your nails are dirty. What you find is truth, lies, pain, and bad memories. From all that cleaning you have done, there’s still some of that mess with you. It lies under your fingernails. It never really goes away. You dig it out. Your heart’s been dug out like that before. But as you notice the whiteness of your newly cleaned nails you step back and understand one thing … 

Life is messy. Life will always be messy. You must stop. You must stop and clear a path to move over the mess. You must stop and dig out those moments that seem to hide under your nails. You must. Keep moving. Walk. Run. Stop. Dig. You’ll come to see the mess can be cleared and all you’ll have to do is move forward. So move forward.


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