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Three Steps to Turn Your Mess into Success

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As someone who has been a self-declared “complete mess” at more than one time in my life, I’m really LOVING the game of House of Cards I’m playing with my life right now.

Ever built a house of cards? It was one of those things I’ve always thought a slightly pointless endeavor—it’s only recently that I’ve begun to appreciate the focus, intention and sheer ART of the practice.

Here’s how my life is like a house of cards right now: I’m a single mama who owns and runs my own business built from the ground up that is getting REALLY successful while  I also make plenty of time to hang with my 6 year old and we travel a lot even with the new/old beloved relationship I’ve started and the amazing community of loving women in my life.

In that there’s also the full responsibility of both the car (in NYC - no mean feat) and the dog. And about 10 other things that I haven’t mentioned.

How do I do it? And more importantly—how can YOU juggle a thousand things with a true smile that comes from inside and a kid (or job, or partner, whatever) clinging whining for your attention to your leg—without everything falling on your head?

3 Steps to Turning Your MESS Into SUCCESS!

1. Know your heart-centered priorities. 

This is the first step that you need to be taking, literally, with EVERYTHING you do. If you don’t know what’s important to you, you can’t possibly get it done or attract it to you. Yes? Are we agreed on that? 

2. Get clear about what you want to accomplish, by when, and what steps it entails. Write it ALL down.

So, like this:

Goal One: Website! (by November 1st)

1. Find website designer (week one)

  • Look at websites I like for idea (Monday)
  • Ask friends/colleagues for recommendations (Tues)
  • Call three and interview them (Thursday)

2. Design website content (week two)

Get clear on content: (figure out: what is purpose of site? how many pages do I want site to have? Etc.) (Mon/Tue)

  • Write content for each page (Weds/Thurs)
  • Give to mentor/friend/trusted colleague to edit and give feedback (Fri)

Get the idea?

 3. Create your Sacred Structure (I love this phrase way better than the word “schedule”). 

So here’s the way this works for me:
Every Sunday night I sit down and I make a big to-do list for the week (which comes from many places—what was left from last week, what’s on my blueprint for the month, etc.) and then I sit down EVERY Sunday night and put each thing on my to-do list into my schedule for the week, in chunks of time. 

So my Google calendar for one day might look something like this:

8-9: drop off kid at school, walk back to coffee shop with BFF
9-9:30: get coffee, sit with laptop at coffee shop and check and answer emails
9:30-10:30: write article and blog, proof and send to Ellen 
10:30- 12: awesome calls with my private clients
12-1: lunch, walk with the dog and the Man, sun on face, moving around, lunch with a friend, hammock on the roof
1-2: networking calls, other necessary phone calls
2-3: client calls
3-7: get kid from school, park with friends, dinner
7-8: bath, snuggling, bedtime with kid
8-9: tie up loose ends from day, late client call, etc. 
9-10: ME time: bike ride, bath, calls with friends, long walk or movie with the Man, reading a book in bed, etc.
10:30: bed 

I can’t stress this enough-- this Sacred Structure is the ONLY way that my life works for me. It’s the only way that I get to do everything that I want to do joyfully and WELL.

And I’m leaving you with some fabulous news: I’m about to add MORE to my life! Starting this week I’ve hired an amazing personal trainer to help me feel even BETTER about myself. I’ve learned that the better I take care of myself the more successful everything I do is: from my work to my relationships to how I feel about myself. So stay tuned!  And if you would like to work with me to design your sacred structure and find your heart centered priorities, please visit my website at


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