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Through Your Window

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The window. What a fabulous invention created by a simple idea in one’s mind. It is structured to be exact in math, yet has all of the symptoms of weathering over time. 

As I peer into a shed window, I notice that the frame is not what it once used to be. I ponder who would have been peering back at me through the icy glass in the moment it was built. The pane of the glass is also tempered and worn, yet the reflections are still clear. It can only be a century old, but has the feel of fun reflecting back. It was me.

Most of us have the ability to see our windows in life much in the same way. The building begins solid as we frame out each and every day of the life window we choose to create. The panes of glass remain our own reflections of how we see things day to day. If you choose to build with no windows, you will isolate your own truths. 

If your windows become faded and worn, take another look. Your goals remain embedded in the panes and the reflection back is essentially your true self. We all have the wonderful ability to peer through and see things for what they are. A simple idea that creates a wonderful life upon choice, through your window. 


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